About Our School

Hollywood Primary School

Hollywood Primary School is an independent public school founded in 1935, with a proud history and reputation for excellence. We “Excel With Honour” and offer a dynamic and collaborative learning environment in conjunction with an active local community focused at ensuring all children realise their full potential. We are characterised by our high levels of academic achievements along with our extensive music, sporting, creative and environment programs.

Hollywood Primary School is located in Nedlands, a leafy suburb of Perth about 7.5kms from the CBD. Our school is walking distance from Kings Park and the University of Western Australia. Hollywood is a beautiful school, with heritage buildings and shaded by three enormous Moreton Bay fig trees. Our school is fully air-conditioned, with every classroom equipped with interactive white boards, laptops  and iPads in order to engage and support students. The playgrounds and sporting facilities are expansive and include a 25 metre swimming pool which is a shared school and community resource.

As an Independent Public School, we have increased autonomy and flexibility in making decisions in response to the educational needs of our students. From our School Board to our P&C to our parents and the broader community we foster collaboration and value input from everyone.

At Hollywood Primary School, we believe in the “whole child” approach to education, focusing on the multiple facets of a child’s ability to learn. These include:

  • cognitive-intellectual activity,
  • creative-intuitive activity (the arts),
  • structured physical movement and unstructured, self-directed play
  • handwork, making things that can be useful
  • engagement with nature and community

Effective policies and programs also provide clear expectations of standards of behaviour in a supportive and caring learning environment. Our school community values pastoral care and works together to achieve high levels of social and emotional wellbeing. It is also a culturally diverse community and this diversity is utilised to enrich the lives of everyone at Hollywood,

The school caters for a wide range of student abilities and interests and our teachers and support staff are committed to maximising the potential of every child. Our staff have high expectations and adopt a wide variety of innovative teaching practices. Staff demonstrate their professionalism through collaboration and sharing of individual expertise and best practice initiatives to achieve the best possible outcomes for all students. All staff are supported in their professional development as they seek to achieve higher levels of skills, expertise and deeper understanding of current curriculum initiatives including the Australian Curriculum, the Early Years Learning Framework and includes working towards full achievement of National Quality Standards.

Hollywood Primary School is on a path of relentless improvement, to ensure every educational opportunity is offered to individually support each unique student and family to progress and achieve to their best.