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Asthma Policy

The aim of this policy is to document strategies for implementation of best practice asthma management within an educational setting so that:

1.  All children enrolled at the site who have asthma can receive appropriate attention as required

2. The school/preschool can respond to the needs of children who have not been diagnosed with asthma and who have an asthma attack or difficulty breathing at the site.

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Asthma Policy

Class Placement Policy

The school creates its class structure based on the professional judgement of staff with the aim of creating the best learning environment for each student. For more information, click on link below.

Class Placement Policy


Crunch n' Sip Policy

Crunch&Sip® break is a set break for students to eat fruit or salad vegetables and drink water in the classroom.  Hollywood Primary School has introduced Crunch&Sip® to support students to establish healthy eating habits whilst at school. For more information, click on link below.

Crunch ‘n’ Sip Policy

Sun Protection Policy


A balance of ultraviolet radiation (UV) exposure is important for health. Too much of the sun’s UV can cause sunburn, skin and eye damage and skin cancer. Sun exposure in the first 10 years of life is a major factor in determining future skin cancer risk.

Too little UV from the sun can lead to low vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and muscles, and for general health.

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Sunsmart Policy

Student Leadership Guidelines
Homework Policy
Assessment Policy
Health and Well Being Policy