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Hollywood Primary School

School Board

The role of an Independent School Board (previously the School Council) is one of setting the School’s long term goals and objectives and maintaining oversight, but not management, of the School’s operation. The Board provides the School with additional expertise to help the school achieve the best outcomes for students. All Hollywood Primary School parents, teachers and community members are welcomed to approach any School Board member should they have any ideas or queries.

Board Members

Lisa Cluett, (President), Bev Innes (Principal), Matt Stichnoth (Parent Representative), Cilla de Lacy (Parent Representative), Jason Binns (Parent Representative), Vacant (Community Representative), Celia Elissegaray (Staff representative ), Fiona McBeath (Staff Representative).

Lisa Cluett – Chair (2015-17) I joined the Board in 2015 with a focus on contributing in areas of Strategic Planning and stakeholder engagement. I am looking forward to working with fellow Board Members to maximise opportunities made available by Hollywood’s Independent Public School status. I work full time as Communications and Outreach Director at the Perth USAsia Centre, a think tank focused on strengthening relationships across the Indo-Pacific region.  I am a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and in 2017 my sons are in Preprimary and Year 4.

Cilla de Lacy – P&C Representative (2016, previous Five Cycle Group Representative 2016) Joining the Board in 2017 following a successful year on the P&C, I’m keen to strengthen communication and partnerships between Hollywood Primary, and the local civic and business community.  With two active boys in Christopher Agnew (Yr6) and Isaac Agnew (Yr3) at Hollywood I’m keen to make Hollywood a great and beautiful school highly valued within the local community for its proud history, civic-minded students, active parents and progressive staff.  Currently working with the local council to deliver underground power to Hollywood, I’m also a member of the local Five cycling group and helped coordinate last year’s successful ‘Let’s Ride’ program at Hollywood.  A Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and with 20 years’ experience in public policy and community engagement across infrastructure, sustainability and land planning I hope to use my skills and connections to help manage the redevelopment of the school grounds, make cycling and walking to Hollywood safer and easier, and secure mutually beneficial relationships with local businesses and council.    


Matt Stitchnoth, Board member

Matt Stichnoth – Parent Representative (2015-17) I am a parent of a son in Year 2 and am pleased to have joined the Board as a parent representative in mid-2015. As a recent addition to the Board, I hope to provide a valuable contribution to the school using my finance, project and business process management experiences gained in the oil & gas asset integrity industry. I value the ambition the school has to improving the performance of our student, and look forward to helping the school and its students to Excel with Honour.

Jason Binns, Board member

Jason Binns – Parent Representative 2017, Pool Representative P&C 2016:  I am the father of Tara (Year 5) and Joshua (Year 2). I have been involved with the school and P and C for a number of years. Along with my wife, Veronica I help to manage the school pool. My background is in Aviation and I have been involved in the industry as an Engineer and Pilot for most of my career. I’m keen to see the school continue to excel in all areas and I look forward to working with the other board members to help make Hollywood an even better school for all our children.

Fiona McBeath – Staff Representative (2016-2017) Fiona McBeath has worked as a teacher and Associate Principal, both in Western Australia and the UK for the past 12 years. Fiona is a Level 3 Classroom Teacher and has also completed her Masters of Educational Leadership, which has created opportunities for deep understandings of best practice within educational settings. Concurrent with her role at Hollywood Primary, Fiona leads the Teacher Development School at Jolimont Primary School in exemplary practice of Early Years Learning and History and Social Science. This enabled her to share the latest Western Australian Curriculum knowledge and educational research with colleagues, networks and Western Australian primary schools. As a teacher representative on the Hollywood School Board, Fiona is looking forward to working collaboratively with the School Board to set, work towards and realise the goals and vision for our unique and wonderful school.

Beverly Innes – Principal (2013 – 2017) I have been honoured to be Hollywood Primary School’s Principal since 2013, after acting in the position in 2012. The School Board actively assists me in the overview of the school operations and it is my hope that all parents will approach me or any other Board member should they have any queries or ideas relating to the governance of the school. Our main focus for the beginning of the year will be to review our past Strategic Plan (2012 – 2014) and finalise our new Business Plan (2015 – 2017).

School Board Responsibilities

Some of the responsibilities of the School Board are:

  • Contribute to the School Business Plan (previously known as the Strategic Plan);
  • Endorse and review the annual budget;
  • Assist with the formulation of codes or conduct or school policies;
  • Review the performance of the school;
  • Approve fees, charges, and contributions;
  • Liaise with other committees, such as the P&C;
  • Hold an open Board meeting annually; and
  • Provide advice to the Principal on religious education and related activities.

It is not the role of the School Board to run the school – that is the job of the Principal. For more detailed information refer to the School Education Act 1999 part 3, division 8, sections 124 – 140, 69, 70, 99,100, 108, and 216.

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