“Mr Mario” has been volunteering in Pre-primary classes at Hollywood Primary School (HPS) twice weekly since 2009, 40 weeks per year. He devised, developed and implemented a woodwork skills class suitable for 5 year old children. Mr Mario pre-cuts and pre-drills kits that enable tiny hands to use real tools to sand, hammer, screw, glue, and assemble a variety of sturdy wooden toys. Students also paint and decorate their models, and we know they are treasured by their families. Parents often express amazement at the abilities of their young children who, although guided by Mr Mario, undertake every action with their own hands. All costs are borne by Mr Mario who provides his services, equipment and resources at no cost to the school.

Aside from his volunteer teaching support role, Mr Mario willingly problem solves and carries out handyman tasks for our school when requested. He is an active contributor to set design and construction for assembly items and end of year concerts, as well as designing and building play equipment in our junior school classrooms.

We acknowledge his generosity of spirit, time and financial commitment and consider our Pre-primary program richer for his involvement. He is a star!

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