Kindy, PP and Year 1

Hollywood Primary School

We believe that each child is a unique individual. To fulfil the child’s needs, we provide a rich variety of activities and experiences.


  • We endeavour to create a warm, accepting atmosphere in which the child feels secure and wants to learn.
  • We aim to develop the ‘whole’ child (ie cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically).
  • Play for the young child is his/her work. Play is educational as well as fun and is one of the most important factors in his/her intellectual, social and emotional development.
  • We recognise that parents (and other adult caregivers) are the child’s first significant influence on their learning. We continue to build on the child’s past and current experience.
  • We aim to foster positive self concepts and provide a range of experiences and opportunities to gain skills and knowledge which enable the children to become contributing members of their societies and life long learners.
  • We guide children to their own levels of independence and lead them to discover themselves as unique individuals.
  • It is our hope that each day offers not only challenge without pressure, but also many opportunities for success so that every child goes home with feelings of contentment and self-esteem.