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Music Program

At Hollywood Primary School we take great pride in our extensive music program. We have a well-resourced music room where students from years one to six participate in a one hour per week music education lesson.  These student-centred lessons are designed to develop music skills, knowledge and language through singing, playing, listening, moving, reading and writing music. Ms Wendy Fullerton is our music specialist teacher and can be contacted at:

School Choir
Students from Years 4 to 6 are encouraged to join the school choir directed by Ms Wendy Fullerton. The choir meets once each week during term time where they participate in vocal training to develop a repertoire of contemporary and classical pieces. Each year, the choir participates in a variety of performances including the Government Schools Make Music concert series at the Crown Theatre in Term 3.
SIM - School of Instrumental Music
Hollywood participates in the School of Instrumental Music (SIM) program and students in years 3-6 have an opportunity to learn violin, guitar, flute or cello.   Students are offered the opportunity to play an instrument based on; their SIM musical aptitude test results, enthusiasm and attitude towards music as demonstrated in music classes.  Other factors considered in the selection process are the students general attitude, their willingness to practice regularly and attend lessons.  Lessons are conducted during school hours by specialist instrument teachers from SIM.   More information on the SIM program can be found via their website: For specific questions relating to SIM at Hollywood, please contact the Principal, Mrs Innes.
School Band
Students from Year 3 – 6 who play a musical instrument are invited to audition for the Hollywood and Rosalie school band. Under the direction of Mr Don Blue, they learn the fundamentals of playing together in a band, and by the end of each year master a repertoire of contemporary, classical and folk tunes.   Rehearsals will take place on Wednesday mornings from 7.15 – 8.30am during term-time in Hollywood School Music Room.  There is a performance once per term, and the Band has an annual camp where students spend an intensive weekend of rehearsals, individual and group tuition.   Students are expected to attend band rehearsal every week, to take regular music lessons and to practice their band pieces regularly.   The annual fee for Band is $240.   For more information please contact Mr Don Blue on
Ukulele Band

Anyone can join the school Ukulele Band, even if you haven’t played before. Complete novices will need to take a few lessons at the start to learn some of the fundamentals, but beyond that they will learn how to play and sing a wide repertoire of songs during the weekly rehearsals.

Rehearsals take place on Tuesday mornings (7.15 – 8.30) during term time in the school Music Room, and cost $100/term. Parents are also welcome to come and join the Ukulele Band. The Ukulele Band makes a guest appearance at any School Band performances during the year.

There are no auditions for the Ukulele Band – if this is something that you are interested in, please contact Don Blue directly ( Did we mention that it is a lot of fun, and the perfect beginner instrument??



Hollywood Primary has a specialist sports teacher, Ms Jacinta Crinion, who runs a diverse in-school and after-school sports program. In addition to classes on general sports skills, the focus of sports classes change each term.

Term One: Swimming
Swimming training in sports lessons at Hollywood School pool. Faction swimming carnival followed by Interschool swimming carnival. In-term Auswim swimming lessons every day for a two-week period for PP-year 6. Years 5/6 swim at Cottesloe Beach and PP-year 4 swim at Hollywood Primary School pool. There is a modest fee for these lessons.
Term Two: Winter Sports


Netball, Soccer, AFL Football and Hockey followed by the Interschool Lightning Carnival. Cross Country and Interschool Cross Country.

Term Three: Athletics
Long and Triple Jump, Javelin and Vortex throws, Team games, Sprints. Faction carnival, Interschool jumps and throws carnival and Interschool Athletics Carnival.
Term Four: Summer Sports
Cricket super 8 rules with an Interschool competition during the season. Basketball with Interschool competition. Depending on numbers and interest, sometimes Softball is on offer.
Afterschool Sports: Sailing
In term one and four Hollywood offers sailing classes to children in years 3-6. This is a limited class size of 20-25 to ensure maximum participation on the water at Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club. This Program is run by Miss Crinion and the sailing staff once a week for a seven week program. There are fees associated with this program which vary according the size of the class.
Afterschool Sports: Futsal

In terms two and three there is a FREE Futsal program available for students in PP-year 6. This is also run by Miss Crinion and the Futsal staff located on Smyth Rd next to HPS. Traditionally Futsal is a five per side Soccer game played on artificial turf. Through this program students also have the opportunity to join the Futsal Club and play competitions during the week and on weekends.

Afterschool Sports: Netball
Training is usually on a Thursday mornings at 7:30am in term two.
Afterschool Sports: Other
Depending on the availability of the PE teacher and the term duration, other after school programs on offer could be swimming training and tennis.



Computers are in all classrooms and used in all curriculum areas. The computer laboratory has 16 computers.


Offered to children in Years 6 and 7 each year.

  • Nursing and Retirement Home
  • Friends of Hollywood Reserve
  • Hollywood Private Hospital
  • Chess Club meets weekly
  • Plays interschool matches.
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