School Canteen

Hollywood Primary School


Pic of LindaThe Hollywood School Canteen aims to provide our students with a menu that is nutritious, healthy and affordable. The Canteen follows the Traffic Light approach to healthy eating. Foods are categorised into RED LIGHT (not healthy), AMBER LIGHT (limited health value) and GREEN LIGHT (healthy) foods. Red Light food is not included on our canteen menu and there is limited Amber Light food. The Hollywood School canteen is managed by Linda, our Canteen Manager with the help of volunteer parents. Located in the undercover area, the canteen is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. Recess items are available at the Canteen from 10.30 to 10.50am, and lunch orders are delivered to classrooms at 12.25pm. To order lunch, you can either use the online ordering system, or students can write their orders on a lunch order bag, enclose money and place in the box at the canteen in the morning before going to the classroom.

For a copy of the Canteen Menu click Canteen Menu Term 1 2018

Excursion Lunch Boxes

We offer a lunch box (including snacks) on excursion days containing a sandwich option, fruit or fruit salad, Mundella yoghurt, popcorn and a 100% nudie juice (apple, orange, tropical) or water all for only $7.50! Excursion boxes come in an insulated cooler bag with ice brick. Excursion lunch boxes must be pre-ordered.

Wednesday Breakfast

Band members (and other students) can purchase breakfast on Wednesdays after band practice: a glass of orange juice or milk and a piece of toast for only $1.00. We welcome your feedback about the Canteen. Please leave your comment in the Suggestion Box outside the Canteen, speak to Linda or contact Chris Davies, the Canteen Coordinator (M: 0417 963 390; E: