Student Absence

Hollywood Primary School

SMS Absentee facility is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please DO NOT telephone the number. It will only accept SMS. If your child is to be absent from school please SMS our Absentee line on 0437 885 855 with:

Your child’s name

Your child’s room number

Reason for absence

For a foreseen absence, please send a note or email to your class teacher giving reasons.

For late arrivals, please request the office to print a late notice to hand to the teacher.

There is a register at the front office for signing out children who leave early, or who leave for a short time for an appointment. When a student arrives late, please ask the Office to print a late note to be taken to the teacher.


Absence Form

This form can be used to inform the school of your child's absence. Alternatively phone the school office on (08) 9386 2343.

Please provide detailed information about the absence.
  • Student Details

  • Carer Details

  • Absence Details