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About the Canteen

The Canteen adheres to the school policy of being a nut-free zone and operates under the WA Department of Education’s Healthy Food & Drink Policy. This Policy is based on the National Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents in Australia and the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, along with a ‘traffic light system’ to rate the suitability of food and drinks:

Green EVERYDAY foods: fill the menu with at least 60% green choices
Amber GO SLOW foods: select carefully, no more than 40% amber choices
Red STOP: off the menu

On canteen days (Tuesday to Friday) orders can be placed online before 9am or in person at the canteen before school starts. The canteen manager, Jane Kinninmont, makes lunches to order and provides some snacks for purchase at recess time. You can find the menu here.

On Monday orders can only be placed online before 8am. These orders are provided by an external provider, Chef's Delight, and the food is for lunch only. Recess is not available to purchase on non-canteen days.


Online orders are through School Lunch Online (

If you have any questions regarding the canteen, contact the P&C President, Terence Peters (