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Our Hollywood Canteen operates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout the school year. 
The Canteen adheres to the school policy of being a nut-free zone and operates under the WA Department of Education’s Healthy Food & Drink Policy, introduced into all public schools in 2007. This Policy is based on the National Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents in Australia and the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, along with a ‘traffic light system’ to rate the suitability of food and drinks:

Green EVERYDAY foods: fill the menu with at least 60% green choices
Amber GO SLOW foods: select carefully, no more than 40% amber choices
Red STOP: off the menu

The Canteen aims to provide our students with the best possible food produce using the resources available, and to provide a service for parents, students and teachers that is nutritious, healthy and affordable.

The Canteen is run by our Canteen Manager, Linda Gamage, who is employed by, and reports directly to, the School P&C.

Recess items are available at the Canteen from 10.30am. Lunch orders are collected by a class representative and delivered to classrooms at 12.25pm.

Sign up to ‘QuickCliq’ to place your canteen orders online up to two weeks in advance. Online orders must be placed before 8.30am on the day. So convenient and no more hunting for spare change! Signing up is a simple process and only takes a few minutes. Register at

Breakfast can be purchased on Wednesdays after band practice (other students also welcome). A glass of juice and a piece of toast is available for only $1.00. 

We would love to know what you like (or don’t like) about the Canteen. Please leave feedback in the Suggestion Box outside the Canteen, have a chat to Linda or, if you prefer, contact Nick Agnew, the Canteen Coordinator (

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