2021 P&C Members

President and Canteen Co-ordinator:  Mr Robert (Rob) Cotterell  president@hollywoodpandc.org

Vice-President:  Mr Hitesh Hans  vicepresident@hollywoodpandc.org

Secretary:  Dr Olubayode (Bayode) Ero-Phillips  secretary@hollywoodpandc.org

Treasurer:  Mr Edward (Ed) Strutt  treasurer@hollywoodpandc.org

Communications:  Ms Ekta Hasani  communications@hollywoodpandc.org

Pool Co-ordinator:  Ms Nardia Smith

Uniform Shop:  Ms Rebecca (Bec) Tan

Fundraising:  Mrs Michelle Cotterell

Events:  Mrs Trina-Jean (Trina) Peters

Treetops:  Mr Guy Churchill


2021 P&C Meeting Dates

The 2021 P&C meetings will take place at 7:00pm on:

Term 1: Tuesday 23 February & Tuesday 16 March

Term 2: Tuesday 4 May & Tuesday 1 June

Term 3: Tuesday 3 August & Tuesday 31 August

Term 4: Tuesday 26 October & Tuesday 23 November