Below is a map of our local intake area:

hps intake area.jpg

Find if you live within our local intake area on Google Maps below:

Procedure for enrolment:

Parents initially complete an Application for Enrolment form, then complete a formal School Enrolment Form once eligibility for enrolment is confirmed.

A birth certificate or extract of birth or passport must be sighted during the enrolment process. Students will be placed in the year of study corresponding to their age group. A copy of the student's Australian Immunisation Register, available online from Medicare, is also required.

Evidence of proof of residency within the local intake area must be provided at the time of enrolment. This should include a copy of the rates notice or lease agreement, proving the applicant is residing at the address. The Principal also reserves the right to request a Statutory Declaration in support of claims made.

Below are the Application for Enrolment forms, which can be brought to our friendly office staff or emailed to hollywood.ps@education.wa.edu.au