Parents and Citizens Association

Hollywood Primary School is supported by an active P&C comprising parents who work together to support the school and learning environment.

What does the P&C do?

  • Runs the School Canteen

  • Operates the Uniform Shop

  • Manages the School Pool

  • Runs a number of fundraising events during the year

  • Organises community-building events during the school year (for example, School Disco and Family Campout)

  • Produces the "Treetops" yearbook

Who can be in the P&C?

Any parent can be a member of the P&C. You don't even have to join the P&C to come along to our P&C meetings twice a term - parents are welcome to come and just listen to recent developments.

P&C meetings take place on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm in the library in weeks 3 and 7 of each term.


​P&C meetings take place on Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm–7:00pm in the Science Room. Minutes from the P&C meetings can be found here.

The 2021 P&C meetings will take place on:

Term 1: Tuesday 23 February & Tuesday 16 March

Term 2: Tuesday 4 May & Tuesday 1 June

Term 3: Tuesday 3 August & Tuesday 31 August

Term 4: Tuesday 26 October (Open Board Meeting) & Tuesday 23 November

Where does the P&C get its funding?

The P&C raises funds via a voluntary contribution request per student at the beginning of the year. We also run a number of fundraising events during the year. We value every donation and fundraising effort and make sure that every dollar we receive works hard to make a wonderful school.

If you have any questions or seek further information from our P&C please feel free to contact the appropriate person from the information below.

Our 2020 members and roles

President:  Rob Cotterell  president@hollywoodpandc.org

Vice President:  Sae Chi  vicepresident@hollywoodpandc.org

Treasurer:  Hitesh Nan  treasurer@hollywoodpandc.org

Fundraising and Events Coordinators:  Elaine Husband and Aleesha Wall  events@hollywoodpandc.org

Events Committee:  Matt Stichnoth, Bernadette Potter, Galen Townson, Shelley Booth

Secretary:  Bayode Ero-Phillips  secretary@hollywoodpandc.org

Executive Committee:  Rebecca Tan, Tolu Okitika, Sue Palmer, and Fiona McBeath.

Canteen Coordinator:  Nick Agnew  nick_agnew1@bigpond.com

Uniform Shop: Rebecca Tan  hpsuniforms@gmail.com

School Board Representative:  Matt Stichnoth  mstichnoth@iinet.net.au

Publicity and Communications Representative:  Ekta Hasani  communications@hollywoodpandc.org

Pool Coordinator:  Nardia Smith  pool@hollywoodpandc.org

Treetops Coordinator:  Guy Churchill  hollywoodtreetops@gmail.com

Grants Coordinator:  Sarah Ralston  ralstonsarah@yahoo.com


School Banking:  Andrea Ross, Fiona Allen, and Shelley Booth  travellingmac@hotmail.com