Hollywood National Quest Champions

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

We are very pleased to announce that our Hollywood teams have performed remarkably well at the National Finals of The Quest held at the University of Queensland on 8 December 2018.

The Year 4-6 team consisting of Santi C, Sarah C and Zachariah R took on Gifted and Talented students from prestigious schools nationwide and emerged as NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!

The Year 1-3 team consisting of Danishka K, Darius C, Metta C also did us proud to emerge as NATIONAL 3RD!

Both teams had earlier qualified for the National round as being among the top 3 teams in WA in their age group.

The Australian Quest competition was created by a partnership of universities around the country to give gifted students the opportunity to understand their own ability. It is made up of the three components of HASS, Maths and Science.  Students worked on specially designed, open ended questions involving material well beyond the normal curriculum.  In HASS, the students had to design an ideal economic system in a utopian world by harnessing their creativity and knowledge in diverse disciplines.  In Maths, they had to apply their knowledge of calculus and integration to solve real life problems.  Science material included the Standard Model of particles.  The adjudicators were impressed by the academic rigour demonstrated by both teams.

This outstanding achievement is a wonderful validation of the learning the students receive from their teachers and the efforts that the school has made to support pathways for all students to take up extension academic opportunities. We look forward to many more occasions where students in Hollywood work collaboratively to challenge themselves academically. 

Our Year 4- 6 National champions

Congratulations again to the two teams!  We are so proud to have them represent Hollywood Primary in Brisbane!

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