Training Technologies Teachers of the Future

Hollywood's reputation for the explicit and purposeful embedding of technologies into the classroom curriculum has seen 28 students from the University of Western Australia visit yesterday to work shadow some of our teachers.

Room 2 and Miss Geldenhuys, and the Science Laboratory and Mr Dunkley, welcomed the students who are nearing the completion of their Education studies and are currently completing a unit on using technology as a tool to enhance the learning program. The pre-service teachers worked with pairs or small groups of students, learning how students can use iPads apps for the recording of data.

Miss Geldenhuys and Mr Dunkley then spent some time after school with the students, sharing with them our methods of whole-school planning and programming which ensure our students are accessing all the domains of the Digital Technologies and Design and Technologies curriculum in meaningful, open-ended and challenging ways. The University of Western Australia lecturer who attended with the pre-service teachers sincerely thanked Miss G and Mr Dunkley for hosting and sharing their pedagogical approaches. Many of the same university students attended our school earlier in the year to work on Mathematics tasks with our Year One students. We look forward to continuing to strengthen this relationship to ensure that the teachers of tomorrow graduate ready to take on the challenges of a dynamic classroom environment.

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