A Hollywood Primary School student is respectful and resilient. They are students of today, innovative and equipped for the challenges of tomorrow.

Academic success, whilst an impressively notable feature of the school’s reputation, is really just part of the picture of the students intellectual, physical and social development throughout their time at Hollywood Primary School. Hollywood Primary School prides itself on breaking stereotypes. Amongst our students are potential artists, entrepreneurs, historians, neuro scientists, athletes – all able to excel due the depth of opportunities and commitment provided at Hollywood Primary School. The curriculum is complemented by additional programs which include:

  • STEAM learning

  • Talk 4 Writing Literacy program

  • CPA/Bar Model Approach to Numeracy

  • Instrumental Music Program

  • Protective Behaviours Program

  • Oral Language Program

Hollywood offers these programs from Kindergarten to Year 6 all on one campus. In addition to our classrooms, we enjoy a well-resourced library, DREAM Lab for our technologies programs, Science Lab, Music room, with the added bonus of a 25 metre swimming pool with which we engage students in swimming lessons during our Physical Education program.

To my mind there is another vital ingredient to our ongoing success – the open, honest and positive relations we cultivate with the family of each student. Three-way engagement between the school, the students and their family is essential to ensure we are all working together in the best interests of our students.

It is very exciting to be leading Hollywood Primary School at this time, and a genuine privilege to be entrusted with the education of our students. Hollywood Primary School is a thriving, motivating and purposeful place built on an ethos which draws significantly on our motto of “Excel with Honour”. This is the foundation of our positive, respectful and caring environment in which the contribution of every child is valued.

At Hollywood Primary School our purpose is clear – to inspire students to become extraordinary. You will, I hope, come and see this for yourself at one of our Open Days, or separately by appointment. Either way, you’ll have a chance to experience the energetic atmosphere of our school, their educators, and the community that is Hollywood Primary School. Please call 9278 6400 for an appointment or alternatively email

Janine Bersan