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What is Consulting Feminism?

Consulting Feminism is the term used to describe the work of feminist consultants who provide a range of services to companies, including research, strategic planning and planning and development.

The term "consulting feminism" began to be used in the late 1990s , as women began taking on senior positions within the consulting business. The term was created by a consultant and author Deborah Kolb, who noted that, while women were succeeding in their professions as consultants, they were often not getting hired at the same frequency as males. Kolb believes that this is due to the fact that many organizations still see female consultants as less credible as male counterparts.

Many do not know what consulting feminism is and how it differs from other types of feminist movements. Consulting Feminism is an expression used to describe the work of feminists.

How Consulting Feminists are Changing the World from Within

Consulting feminists are transforming the world by working from within. They provide a variety of services for clients, such as strategic consulting and research, education, and facilitation.

This consultant feminism path to a career option is becoming increasingly well-known in 21st Century. The need to change the social landscape has never been more urgent than today, and that means the need for feminist consultants will only continue to grow in the coming years.

Consultant Feminists Aiding Organizations on a Variety of Problems

The consultants for women are not only helping organizations become more diverse, they also help create an environment that is more inclusive.

Consultant Feminists are a collective of feminists that work as consultants with organisations to assist them in becoming more inclusive and diverse. They are employed in various sectors, including corporate consulting and technology and offer companies training on how to be more inclusive.

What It Takes to Become a Consultant Feminist

A consultant is someone who offers advice and knowledge in a particular field. They are employed by companies to help them resolve their problems.

There are many ways to become a consultant feminist. The most common ways is through freelancing or consulting for a well-established business. Another alternative is to start your own consultancy company however, this can be challenging and requires a significant capital investment. There are also some people who prefer to consult as a side hustle while they work at a full-time job. This may be more straightforward than starting your own company but it might not yield as much income or satisfaction.


There are several options to become a consultant feminist. One way is to earn an PhD on gender and sexuality studies and then get a job teaching in the academic level. Another way is to take your knowledge of feminism, put together some content on your blog and start consulting for feminist groups.

The best way to become a consultant feminist is following your passion and finding out what you're good at, then creating your own path.

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