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The process of learning Japanese isn't always easy, and sometimes you need some time to think. Instead of sitting watching Netflix or other streaming services, why don't you make use of the many available programs streaming on YouTube that can help master Japanese? With so many shows on YouTube these days, you can find Japanese videos for any level to best fit your requirements. You can watch any kind of Japanese show to aid you learn, but children's shows are a good place to begin for a variety of reasons. Here's the reason why Japanese children's shows on YouTube could be the key sauce that you'll need to add a kick to your Japanese study routine. Also, which shows might actually keep you engaged and learning.

Children's Anime shows To Learn Japanese

A show for kids is intended for, well the kids. The show uses a more simple language and sentence structure designed for people who are new to the language, the storylines are simpler and more easy to follow and the actors speak slow. In addition, shows for children are usually designed to be educational as well as amusing, and include lessons on getting along with others and how to solve problems. This is why watching Japanese cartoons for kids are a great addition to regular study, helping test your knowledge to the test and boost your verbal comprehension. In addition, watching TV shows that are in Japanese can help you gain knowledge about the society's typical life at school as well as family structures and the manner in which holidays are celebrated. This kind of cultural insight can be invaluable and difficult to grasp a grasp on from practicing your Kanji.

Therefore, you can relax and start learning Japanese while you watch your way through this list!

1. Chibi Maruko-chan

Follow elementary student Maruko and her entire family in this cute and well-beloved series! Maruko is a clever and curious little girl. along with her friends she can find herself into and out of all kinds of troublesome situations. Despite the straightforward plots Maruko's imaginative mind keeps things interesting and entertaining. Unlike many other series that are on this list The majority of the story takes place in schools, giving an understanding of how the Japanese education system.

2. Japanese Classical Stories

Think of this show as Grimm's Fairy Tales for Japanese children. Learn all about traditional Japanese fairy tales by watching this cartoon. Each episode follows a different classic Japanese folktale such as "Kintaro," "Peach Boy," and "The Rolling Rice Ball." This is a production by YouTube, a channel that uploads the videos, and is one of the series on this list intended to provide educational content.

3. Hana kappa

Kappa are water spirits of Japanese folklore, typically depicted as scaly and amphibious river dwellers. The story of Hana Kappa, however, kappa are cute little creatures with flowers that grow at the top of their heads. Once they are grown the flower begins to bloom which is why our little hero Hanna Kappa is impatient for his flower to be able to bloom and stop changing according to his emotions. The show follows Hanna Kappa and his friends as they battle Garizou when he tries to steal the flower of Hanna Kappa. Hana Kappa is unique for its mix of both contemporary and traditional stories and is bound to be a great and enjoyable watch with only 10 minutes of episode!

4. Anpanman

Anpanman is a super-hero with a head of anpan, a sweet bread filled by Red Bean Paste. He guards his pals, also made of sweets, from the evil Baikinman (Germ Man), and also serves as a symbol of justice, teaching children to be kind and not commit crimes. Anpanman is among the most beloved characters of Japan and has five museum dedicated to him, and merchandise that is more well-known than even Hello Kitty! Being one of the longest-running series that are on the list don't be concerned about growing bored with the story. New characters are regularly introduced to keep things exciting. So, find out what all the buzz is about, grab some sweets of your own and enjoy watching Anpanman along with his crew fight for their rights.

5. Shimashima Tora no Shimajiro

Shimashima Tora no Shimajiro is the only one on this list due to the fact that it's based on a published educational program, Kodomo Challenge. Shimajiro is a preschooler and viewers are able to follow along with Shimajiro as he learns how to get along with people and makes friends. There are also learning opportunities, in which you learn about planting flowers, as well as use restrooms for the very first time. Join Shimajiro along with others of his cute animal friends as they learn about the world that surrounds them!

6. Atashin'chi

Atashin'chi (which means "my house") is a story about the Tachibana family in Tanashi, Nishitokyo. The main character, Mikan, is a casual girl who is in her second year of high school. It is not uncommon for sleep to get into the way of her studies, preventing her from completing her homework or getting to school in time. She is a part of the School's Bear Brigade, admiring and creating her own teddy bears, and she hopes to be a popular fashion designer/teddy bear. She lives with her tough salaryman dad, her strict mother, and the enlightened younger brother Yuzuhiko. Check out the Tachibana family hijinks, and be sure to check out the adorable animation style.

7. Chi's Sweet Home

Chi's Sweet Home follows a tiny kitten as she adapts to her new family. In the event that Chi gets separated from mom and her litter and is picked up off the street by a boy who is his mother. They take her home to adopt her into their family. The show follows Chi as she discovers what it means to be a pet , and encounters new people and animals. Discover the world with new eyes, and learn about Japanese lifestyles around pets by following Chi through her life of adventure!

8. Sazae-san

The longest-running animated show around the globe, Sazae-san contains a wealth of cultural insight along with more than 2,500 episodes for viewers to enjoy. Sazae-san follows the character of the title who is a woman of 20 living in Tokyo living with her spouse, son, parents and two younger siblings. It was originally a manga show, Sazae-san portrayed the modern "modern family" in Japan following WWII at the time it first received criticism for gender-based themes. In the present it's more nostalgic for the traditional Japanese society and demonstrates how Japan has transformed since the initial episode, which aired in 1969.

9. Crayon Shin-chan

As opposed to Sazae's San, Crayon Shin-chan is a modern family of Shin-chan's parents, his baby sister, and his dog. Shin-chan is a rascal in kindergarten who loves to pull down his pants and moon the other characters of the show. He's not friendly to adults and makes funny mistakes when talking. Shin-chan's insanity and a sprinkle of adult humor is guaranteed to keep audiences of all ages interested and entertained.

10. Prince Mackaroo

The series follows five-year-old Ojarumaru Sakanoue, a prince of the Fairy World. After becoming bored by his routine, he's lured into Enma World, where he steals the king's important scepter. When the king chases the prince to recover his scepter, the prince plunges in the Moon Hole and is transported 1,000 years back into modern-day Japan. After arriving in Japan He meets a young boy, Kazuma Tamura. She convinces his parents to allow the prince to remain with them. The show follows the prince's journey as he avoids the king's three oni (gremlin) children while making new friends and learning about the modern world. For those who are interested to see all of these japanese cartoons for children, check out and watch at no cost. The Sobi-anime online platform offers an array of anime content. It's a platform on which fans of anime can view the latest anime shows and anime movie releases. The platform is available in a variety of languages. It has a variety of anime movies that are available to watch on their website and application. It can also be viewed the anime movies on different devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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