The Arts @ Hollywood

Hollywood students in Pre-primary to Year 6 receive one 50-minute period per week of Music education, delivered by a Music Specialist. Students as early as Year 1 begin learning how to read sheet music in their learning of the ukulele as a whole-school instrument of choice. Learning through music at Hollywood is engaging and fun while students are encouraged to meet their creative and expressive potential. Students have the option to join the after school Rock Band, the school choir or the Hollywood and Rosalie joined Community Band, who play at local events and celebrations across the year.

The School of Instrumental Music offers small group instrumental tuition to students recognised to display musical aptitude from as early as Year 3. At Hollywood the instruments offered are guitar, cello, violin, flute and brass and students enjoy the opportunity to share their learning at assemblies and other performances across the year.

All Hollywood students are also exposed to drama, and have the opportunity to engage in a variety of Visual Arts activities. We are proud to offer after school Visual Arts Clubs across the year to our junior and senior students where they are able to explore unconventional art forms, different textures and mediums and sculpture, to name a few.

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Physical Education @ Hollywood

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Hollywood Primary School provides a Physical Education Program for all children as outlined in the Western Australian Curriculum. Physical Education at Hollywood Primary encompasses a weekly 50-minute Physical Education lesson, whole-school Faction sport on Fridays, daily fitness, special links with a variety of sporting bodies, Dorothy Dance, in-term swimming lessons, faction and interschool sports as well as modelling an awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Every student attending our school is involved in a minimum of two hours of physical activity each week.


Dorothy Dance is a dance program designed for primary school students run by a passionate dancing teacher. It provides children with the opportunity to be part of a fun and energetic dance program within our school community, and prepares the Year 5 and 6 students for their end of year social. The program covers many other aspects such as coordination, musical appreciation, self-confidence and gives many children the opportunity to experience the excitement of performing in front of an audience. Most importantly it is a program for fitness and fun.

In-Term Swimming - each year all children from Pre-primary to Year 6 have the opportunity to participate in a two week intensive swimming program. Students in Pre-primary to Year 4 are fortunate enough to be able to use our Hollywood Swimming Pool for their lessons, and the Year 5 and 6 students participate in lessons held at Cottesloe Beach.

Faction Sports

At various times during the year, students all have the opportunity to participate in the following House Sport Carnivals.

  • Faction Swimming (Years 3 – 6)

  • Faction Athletics (Kindergarten – Year 6)

  • Faction Cross Country (Years 3 – 6)


Inter-school Sports

Throughout the year, the students in Years 3 to 6 compete against other schools in the surrounding suburbs in Inter-school Sports. During Term 1, children participate in the interschool swimming carnival. In Term 2, students are chosen to participate in the interschool winter sports competitions - Netball, AFL, Soccer and Hockey. During Term 3, the children are involved in Cross Country and Athletics events. 


Our school’s Physical Education Program aims to provide students with the opportunity to learn a range of fundamental and applied movement skills necessary to be able to participate successfully in a variety of physical activities that promote positive attitudes to health and lifelong physical activity participation.

French @ Hollywood

Hollywood Primary School runs a very successful French program from years 3 to 6. All classes are timetabled to participate in French once a week for a 50 minute lesson with our specialist French teacher. The aim of the program is for students to develop Listening, Speaking and Writing skills and cultural awareness over the course of the year. 

Students are supported in their enjoyment and extension in learning the French language through the use of the program 'Language Nut' which they can also access from home. Students regularly perform French songs at impromptu concerts during lunch times and at assemblies.