Student Wellbeing

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Want to find out how to keep healthy, happy and get the most out of school?

This is your place to find topics and student learning resources on things like dealing with bullying, how to be smart online, and lots more. You can find games, videos and websites just for you!

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Student Updates

Hello all,

Welcome to the student wellbeing page! This is your spot to come and check out any resources that you may need to help you with your physical and mental health. In this section students will be asked to write a report on current trends, updates and other information.




Student Incident Report Form

If there has been an incident which has made you feel uncomfortable and you would like to report it please click on the Microsoft Form link. You will need to log in with your education email to access the form. Younger students may need assistance from parents to log in.

Student Resources

Click on your year group below to find resources to support you. There are games, videos, and more!