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Our Digital Technologies Vision

At Hollywood Primary School, we are:

  • critical thinkers

  • interactive learners

  • global citizens

  • digitally literate

Digital Technologies are a critical part of our students’ lives. Technology use is growing and changing every day and it is crucial that our students have both the technical competencies and cybersafety skills to enable them to be smart, safe and responsible digital citizens. When used effectively, technology is an important tool to transform student learning.

Hollywood Primary School is a lead school in the implementation of the Digital Technologies domain of the Western Australian Curriculum which focuses on 3 key areas: Digital Systems, Data and Information and Creating Digital Solutions.

Key features and resources of our Digital Technologies program include:

  • Shared devices at a high access ratio for students (iPads, Chromebooks and laptops) at a 1:2 ratio in Kindergarten to Year 5.

  • 1:1 school-funded Macbook Program in Year 6​

  • A well-stocked DREAM Lab including two 3D printers, Bee-bots, M-bots, Dash & Dots, Spheros, Edisons, Makey-Makeys, Stikbots, Little Bits, unplugged coding games and a Green Screen

  • Subscriptions to programs including Mathletics, Reading Eggs and Literacy Pro

  • Commitment to sustaining the eSmart schools’ framework

  • Leading in the Shenton DREAM Network, providing support to other schools in the implementation of the Digital Technologies curriculum

  • Year 6 STEAM Leaders who assist with technologies across the school

  • STEAM and Digital Technologies specialist teachers who have been sought for their knowledge of implementing the Scitech STEM Teaching Modules

  • Interactive Whiteboards in every learning space

Effective use of digital technologies is more than just devices in classrooms. Our teachers use a range of teaching strategies and models, namely the SAMR model.

At its core, the SAMR model is designed to encourage technology users to ‘redefine’ tasks. This means that through the use of technology, previously inconceivable results can be achieved. This includes ways of connecting with others, sharing information, collaboration, finding out information and problem solving.


To support parents at home with their children using technology the school recommends the following websites:

Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner

Australian Federal Police ‘Think U Know’

Common Sense Media